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Upperaustrians in Costa Rica - a visuell dialog with emigrations

Doku | AUT/COSTA RICA 2003, 45 min


This film shows the way of living of some Austrians who immigrated to Costa Rica – it’s a diversity with  the “Suisse of Latinamerica”.


Short  Infos
The organisation “Austrians save the rainwood” is in the south of costa rica. Together with the tropicstation “La Gamba” they grounded a project which includes ökotourism, science, the protection of the nature.

The film will mediate more consciousness and more social , ökological and culturell understanding  specially for the young people, but also for adults.

Credits: Screenplay/Director;: Carola Mair

               Camera: Max Auer

               Editing: Erika Michalke

               Sound: Johannes Kreissl

               Voice: Carola Mair

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