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LOVE:LIFE – a film about a departure of women

Documentary AUT/2020


LOVE:LIFE is a personal film about three strong women, who escaped of domestic violence and their awakening in a live of a selfdetermined life. A film about the secret of courage resilience and finally liberating life models.


Michi, Inga and Evelyn are three strong women who experience violence in their marriage and partnership. They stay years in this traumatized realationships without any other perspective.


With help from women organisations they finally escape out of this victim shame and start a new life. Altough they were beaten und injured by their men, still they did not let it get them down.


So this women are coming out of their victim-role and start a new life from outside determination to self-determination. Female artists like Bianca A. Braunesberger or Ursula Beiler resonate with the stories of Michi, Inga and Evelyn and show positive ways into a lively femininity.


Above all, these women stand for visions that pionier work and who are committed to the dissolution of restricted stereotypical roles. Above all, these women stand for todays female/feministic way of living. With their courage to change their own world in a positive one and overcome the resistance they encounter.


Directing statement

LOVE:LIFE is an important film for the self-image of women and the mutual understanding of gender. Every woman in this film has something to do with another and finally with all of us.

Every woman in this film is fighting for her rights and therefore for the rights of all of us. Who could not be better to talk about domestic violence if not the women thereself?


Violence on women happens according to the police mostly through patriarchal structures, independently of national ancestry. The right of physical integrity is human right. Living together on an equal footing between woman and man is basic law. In societys of matriachats there is no violence. I believe that human violence is not naturally but culturally determined.


We should understand what dignity means, what it matters, what it means to be aware about our own dignity and the dignity of others. And to live in that manner, that we do not injure this dignity. The awareness of our own dignity is the main step into freedom, a part of emancipation not as a woman or a man, but as a human.


Credits: Screenplay/Director: Carola Mair

Camera: Erik Etschel, Erika Michalke

Editing: Erik Etschel

Sound: Armin Lehner

Music: Achleitner/Zotter

Dance: Tauschfühlung, Nora A.Kammerhofer

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