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is a hedonistic documentary film about the passion of female artists to be creative and what happens when they are educated early on in their own independence, but also about what creativity can bring about socially.

A film about courage, commitment and vision at a time when in adulthood it can be a subversive ideal, but worth pursuing.

Lea, Ciara and Bianca belong to the Generation Y - which queries doubts and questions themselves. But also a generation that determines the present-day-spirit.

FLOW: the creativity principle is therefore an expressive portrait about young women, who manage their lifes in a creative ideal within the society - despite handicaps, defeats or setbacks.

All women with visions that pionieer work and who are committed to the dissolution of restricted stereotypical roles.

Above all, these women stand for todays female/feministic ideals/lifestyle, which through there flow, their energy and positive charisma, change the world and overcome the resistance they encounter. An optimistic film about the present-day spirit, which motivates.

Directing statement

In a search of what humans need to live a happy life, the social scientist Mihaly Mikszentmihalyi analyzed what happens to Musicians and Dancers who do something purely for the joy of the cause. He discovers the state of the Flow, the stae of active, self-indulgent efficiency. This narrative happiness is no alien to my protagonists.It has impressed me, with how much optimism and positive attitude these young women follow their creative path, which is not always easy. But somehow it seems the principle of confidence has gone out of fashion. No wonder with climate change, poverty, unemployment, economic and refugee crises. One can still try to imagine a better world and move on - this is exactly the optimism - to the serach of playing child in itself!

credits: Screenplay/Director: Carola Mair

             Camera: Erik Etschel, Stefan Feichtinger, Christian Strassl

             Editing: Erik Etschel

             Sound: Armin Lehner

             Music:  Loving the Alien, Nikonote, Mandao, Annebe& Zoo, uvm

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