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DOK AUT/POLEN 2007, 30 min


In the film Carola Mair documents the fade of many women from Ukraine and Polen and their children – which is part of a history, but forgotten from the Austrians after 1945. In Linz Adolf Hitler told about the connection Austrias to Germany. The industrie of the town engaged during the nacionalsocalism 1000s of hard labour workers.


After the defeat in Stalingrad the Nazis wanted more work from this female workers. Because pregnancys reduced the working process of the women – they had to induce abortion many times till the 7th month.The women had to give away their new born babies into special orphanages, where bad  things happened.


Even in Lindenhof but also in the castle Etzelsdorf there were orphanages for the cildren of the female workers from Eastern Europe, which were established from the Nazis. In a very short time in that places babies died very quickly. 13 of 80 babies died because of less careness and nutritution in Etzelsdorf. They were buried nameless at the funeral in Pichl near the town Wels. Since one year a history sign remember about this children.

The documentation is a history certification and  will  stimulate for no more discrimination  of women and children because of their status. With the children of Etzelsdorf – Mair shows a movie which goes into a zone of  showing of tabus. Even the fact, that the women has to do the abortions or to give their babies into the orphanages where bad things happened.


Is a chance for today and tomorrow with the  options that human wrights are worldwide valid.

Credits: Screenplay, director: Carola Mair

Camera: Gerald Hötzeneder, Carola Mair

Editor: Ronnes Gruber

Sound: Joe Kreissl

Music: Matthias Ruckdäschl

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