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Carola Mair

LOVE: LIVE is a personal film about three strong women; who escaped of domestic violence and their awakening in a live of selfdetermined life. A film about the secret of courage and resilience.

AT/2020, 42 min

credits: script/director: Carola Mair
camera: Erik Etschel
sound: Armin Lehner
music: Achleitner/Zotter

The act of filming is like writing a  poem, it is a poetic act.

FLOW: The creativity principle is a hedonistic documentary film about the passion of female artists to be creative.

AT/DE 2016, 60 min

Credits: Script/Director: Carola Mair

               Camera: Erik Etschel,

                               Christian Strasser,   

                               Stefan Feichtinger    

               Sound: Armin Lehner

               Music: Loving the Alien,   


                            Annebee & Zoo

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