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Cuba libre - no passing freedom

Doku AUT/CUBA 2006, 30 min


Cuba libre is a film about the contractition of the land – one side  Cuba function as an well done  example for whole latinamerica in the domains of education, culture and medicine assistance for all – at the other side the price what the people has to pay with the one party system with Fidel Castro on the top.

The film should also reconcile and ask for a satisfaction of everyone.

About the movie

The film tells about the situation of the Cuban people how the demonstrate their own definition of freedom – without being a loser of the system. Carola Mair shows in that movie not only the revolution against an exploitation of their own individuality – it shows first the exploitation with culture- which is an expression of the spirit Dignity and personal freedom – in socialwork, in art, in daily life and in the foreign.The main theme of the film is freedom. Therefore the film is not possible without a comparison – at the one side it will exposed the easy cubanic way of living on the other side the film shows the contradiction that the Cuban vitality has a kind of lethargie.


Shown on themes like the Cuban freedom, even more and more Cuban people ask, if their freedom has to be payed with more restriction of individual possibilities of the individuals.The film wants to show also the happiness and the joy of the Cuban people – but first it shows the engagement of different artists against too big artistic restrictions.

Credits: Screenplay/Director; Carola Mair

              Camera: Max Auer

              Editing: Gerald Hötzeneder

              Sound; Johannes Kreissl

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