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LIGHTNING - an art exhibition of Inge Dick


a documentary about the painter, photograph and filmer Inge Dick in her artistic dialog with the phenomen of light


The film Lightning – an art exhibition of Inge Dick – is no biopic but shows a cross sectional topic of four seasons in life of the artist Inge Dick in her artistic dialog with the phenomen of light The artist Inge Dick is living in Loibichl/Mondsee/Upper Austria and she views art as the most important source of herself.


Art and culture as her daily bread. A philosophie, which is not only guilt for artists, but maybe for everybody. A way of living, which is finishing in the end of life. Till that the 79 year-old photograph, painter and filmer is still full of creative drive. The age – just an external appearance. Those who connect with Inge Dick – are not the same like before anymore. Even the human Inge Dick touches and calm down at once. The positiv resonance in meeting her and her art is perceptible. This film is a trial to transport this perceptible resonance to the audience.




Inge Dicks lifeblood is art since her soon childhood. There is always the need for colour, light and time in her art. Not the paintings, the light is painting, says Inge Dick. In her work she researches light in minimal and direct processes.


Although faszinating colourful light films and photos are the results of her work – which shows up an amazing composition of white light in a really sensitive way. Her impacts have a long history back to the puristik ästhetics of the artistic group ZERO and her studies in ZEN Buddhismus. Inge Dick is known as a light-painter, who wants to know the phenomen light. Light in its dimension as an all embracing universielles with no limits. Last but not least she wants to interfere contemplation and concentration.


Inge Dick numbers among of the wellknown international artists of contemporary art. Her works are presenting in many Museen and Gallerys worldwide like Lembachhaus, Guggenheim Museum New York, Tate Gallery of modern art London.




„If acceleration is the problem, resonance is maybe the solution“ so the german philosoph Hartmut Rosa. For him resonance has an important influence in life. Resonance with the world and in relationships. A statement, which is touching my heart. Rosa is also talking about ästhetic experiences. Therefore art is a big field of resonance since the 18th century. If I am listening good music or watching a good movie I will be absorbed in it and get lucky. Or I am totally in harmony with nature during a walk. But I am also in resonance with the experience during a mantra or a praying. What is noticeable?Where do I resonate? The sad thing is only that we mostly missing the time to be touched from deeper feelings from human, nature, religion or art. Therefore is the film lightning – an art exhibition of Inge Dick – is another trial to get in resonance with the audience and makes feelings possible. If the audience get involved, feels and is in resonance and in reaching each other in an connecteness – I got it what I wanted with this film.


Credits: screenplay and directed: Carola Mair

camera: Erik Etschel, Carola Mair

editing: Erik Etschel

Sound: Armin Lehner

Music: Michael, Mayr, Monika Stadler

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