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Doku AUT/IT 2007, 30 min

In this film Carola Mair shows in a sense of humour the work and the impressions of the art brut artists Margarete Bamberger, Eli Kumpfhuber, Helmut Haider, Gerlinde Wimmer,Alfred Forstlechner, Maria Jagsch. The filmmaker Carola Mair filmed this talented people with handicaps during their art journey in the south of Italy. Important were the subject world and the truth of the protagonists. To make authentic art was the destination of the journey. Inspiration were coming in that case from nature and from the different surroundings.

The artist who were used to work with the power of the unconscious, changed during the working week their artistic ways of work and the started to work from the Inspiration outside. Carola Mair shows in her film people behind this pictures – first to remove  the “stamp of the handicap”  The filmmaker also wants to show a greater and clearer perception of the own inner world and less apprehension about representation. Important is the authentic way who gives the live a direction and a sense, which promotes health and the value of its own.

During the shooting it showed up, that the art brut artist Eli Kumpfhuber was very open and authentic in the interviews and also in front of the camera.

The film was made without a concept, without a storyboard – the film  is to understand like the art-journey as an art-experiment. Important during the shooting was the absolute moment, to catch the authentic way of the artists.

Credits: script/director: Carola Mair

               camera: Erika Michalke

               sound: Johannes Kreissl

               editor: Ronnes Gruber

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