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FLOW: The creativityprincipal


is a hedonistic documentary film about the Passion of female artists to be creative and what happens when they are educated early on in their own Independence but also about what creativity can bring about socially.


A film about Courage commitment and Vision at a time when in adulthood it can be a subversive ideal - but worth pursuing.



Tibets Children in Exile


A filmic documentation about young Tibetans living in exile and about the efforts of committed artists and civilians to support them in preserving their cultural identity.



Wild@heART or the art of staying young

The film Wild@heART presents courageous artists in their golden age – finding themselves, creatively speaking, on the climax of their lives in the third phase.



Love Ya

a documentary about young artists almost 20 years past apartheid



PASSION - Hommage à Christiane Singer


The film "Passion - Hommage à Christiane Singer is a film essay in the footsteps of Christiane Singer. Novelist, humanist, essayist, philosopher.The most important topic of the writer seems to be: How can the flames of passion and vitality be fanned in humans?



Circo Fantazztico

a filmic documentary about an extraordinary circus project with childeren and teenagers from Costa Rica during their tour across Europe.



Crossing Cultures

a filmic essay about a journey through the africain film world.



Art in the South

a film about the work of art brut artists of the Artforum Lebenshilfe Gmunden, Upperaustria during the Unlimited Art project.



Suenos de Ninos

a film about engaged idealists in Mexico who have the same dream from a better society, which gives the children in the slums of Mexico more hope and future.



Cuba libres- no passing freedom

a documentairy about cuba where cubaneros and austrians present their own definiton of freedom - shown in an exposition with cultur - in the social life, in art, the daily life and in the foreign country - which become home



Nicaraguas Children - yearning for culture

a documentary into the poorest country of Latin America to show up how necessary culture and art as bread of life is.



Stone of peace

a documentary about the black opal which is called stone of peace from the Auboriginies in Australia



the children of Etzelsdorf

an Austrian History documentary about the fade of hard labour workers and their children during the second war in Austria.



The Teribes - next to the root

without coming into an idealized way of all, the documentary shows the dilemma of losing the spiritual and also the cultural identity of the indigenas.



Upper Austrians in Costa Rica - a visual dialog with emigrations

this film shows the way of living of some Austirans who immigrated to Costa Rica - it's a diversity with the "Suiss of Latinamerica".



Trekking Downunder

is a short roadmovie. about a 2 month journey through



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